Below are some examples of the documents I translate:

  • Power Point product presentations

  • Promotional literature and product descriptions

  • Proposals in response to invitations to tender

  • Press releases

  • Contracts, legal agreements and lease agreements

  • Wills and powers of attorney

  • Evidence in legal cases

  • Correspondence between companies and legal representatives

  • Insurance policies

  • Civil Registry certificates

  • Academic certificates

Below are examples of previous conference interpreting assignments:

  • UNFCC COP 26 World Leadership Summit, Glasgow 1-12 November 2021
  • RSI (Remote Globe COP 26 Legislators’ Summit, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Nov 2021
  • Virtual series of online webinars with interpreting delivered from ‘hub’ at avdepartment, Fife, for the Internet Society (ISOC):
    ‘Supporting expansion of the Internet in Africa’. August 2020 - ongoing
  • July 2020 Atlantic Cluster for Technological and Economic Innovation in the Nautical Sector, “Capiten” (EU-funded project). 2-day virtual conference
  • RCR Industrial Flooring Conference, Dalmahoy Hotel, Edinburgh, June 2018
  • World Angus Forum, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, June 2017
  • Financial management conference, Ferrovial, Edinburgh, May 2016
  • Urban and Sustainable Development, "Urbelac", network meeting, Edinburgh, Nov 2015
  • International Federation of Social Workers, EICC, Edinburgh, 7 and 8 September 2015
  • Business Conference: New Opportunities for Inward Investment in Cuba, Glasgow, June 2014
  • European Offender Employment Forum Conference, City Chambers, Edinburgh, March 2011
  • UN Human Rights Conference, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Oct 2010
  • International Conference on Adult Learning, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 2009

And consecutive interpreting:

  • Meetings between members of the Scottish cabinet and a delegation from the Basque government, Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, June 2019
  • On-line feedback sessionas at The Keil Centre in Edinburgh, via telephone, for health and safety managers following safety reviews of power plants in South America.                                            
  • Consecutive/liaison interpreting for delegation from Barcelona visiting Edinburgh City Council HQ.
  • Consecutive/liaison interpreting for cultural heritage city tours, negotiations between buyers and suppliers in the leisure clothing and theme park sectors, and press interviews with Spanish and French-speaking footballers signed to Scottish football clubs.